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Whether it is online or offline media, advertisement has been entertaining and influencing people for ages. Its strong caliber and charismatic essence modulates the consumptive and commercial maneuvers extensively.  As a matter of fact, it is the most intriguing medium availed for rightly putting missives across the appropriate audiences. This mesmerizing quality of advertisement has captivated the interest and attention of Kumar Nishant so much so that he settled on the plan of action to establish his own advertising firm, adhering to the grail of connecting with the hoi polloi all across the world. “I was very much fascinated by Mr. Ameen Sayani’s show presentation that was aired on the radio. The more astonishing part is I still remember his oration today. Its strength of connecting with millions and leaving an everlasting impression, enticed me to gain expertise on building a connection with the people through this unique art,” narrates Kumar Nishant, Founder, Aristoma.

Kumar Nishant, Graduate in foreign trade & Postgraduate in Mass Communication from Delhi. He has worked across top advertising, Research and media agencies & clients: Contract advertising, GreyCells Research, Market excel, GroupM, Lodestar, Starcom, Lixil, Micromax. And has also worked for Global brands: LG, Samsung, Micromax, Grohe, American Standard, Aircel, Yahoo,, Lenskart, Volini, Dominos.

With the above experience the company was set up with the objective of sketching out well-founded and impressive content for brands to make commercial dealings more comprehensible, helping companies to eventually forge a breathtaking stature in the ecosystem.  It has been carving out top-notch services such as Media Planning, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Creative Design, Web & App Solutions, and other end-to-end marketing solutions. Its core object of the exercise is to put forward trailblazing offerings devised in the light of campaign management, media planning, digital marketing, events, App development, and others. “At Aristoma, we just do not focus on devising marketing solutions but concentrate on removing each and every complexity a company faces in building its name in the marketplace. We basically support all brands to tackle major challenges such as low brand awareness, affinity & aspiration values, and mitigate the obscure generalization or conceptualization about the quality of the product,” he informs.

Making Headways

Ever since inception Aristoma has been on an enticing journey. From being a simple digital marketing firm, it has come to the fore as a 360-degree marketing incubating company. Its dedicated endeavors have earned it a 100 percent growth. Rooted in Raipur, the company has straightened out to major cities like Chhattisgarh, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and others. Another of its triumphant step is the on-boarding of some of the top clients from different vicinities like – Diesel, Sports mate, CREDAI Chhattisgarh, CII, Aarti Infrastructures, Goldbricks,  Amicus Technologies, Teched to name a few. As Nishant voices, “If analyzed we did make positive progress in a span of three years. And this laudation should completely be given to our prolific team that remains absorbed in contriving unique yet constructive and creative content and solutions to help our clients sail smoothly in a competitive environment.” The spine of the team is seven mavens who deliver expert and result-oriented ideas.

In the time to come, Nishant intends to take the company to an entirely new level by instituting regional office in Delhi with the end in view to bring talent and technology on the same platform and put forth the finest marketing solutions to the clients in Tier 1 & 2 markets.

Quote: Aristoma’s strong suit is that it does keep marketing interventions simple, meaningful & scalable!

Source: The Intellectual Indian

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