Journey beyond possibilities


It was a dream that was developed out of passion, to serve the fashion industry with a whole new perspective. And soon from what she witnessed during her childhood the Beauty Pageant Contests, Fashion Shows & Self Grooming etc helped her build this as a professional agenda too, to develop self in this Industry.

Snehha Bane, the name behind the well known fashion palace Snehhaodds is truly a person anyone can look at, if they are lacking enthusiasm to follow their hearts. Truly it’s her struggle and abilities that have bought her to where she stands today. It is just a percent of luck and inspiration, and 99% of what she believed in and managed to build. She did face a number of setbacks but managed to keep hustling for that vision that only she could see.

There have been enough moments that have helped her build the enthusiasm and interest in her journey, a few people who she has looked at during those times when things didn’t work out like she wanted them to. But of all things what kept her going was herself motivation, because nobody knows us better than ourselves, we hold the ability to both create and destroy ourselves.  So she kept going. And now we know what her chase led her to.

However though the times she holds some memories locked in her heart that gave her the chance to live life from one peak to another like working with many Hollywood and Bollywood Makeup artists. Those have always provided her the kick to do more professionally and emotionally and better than before.

Currently, she being a dreamer herself is planning to pave a path out to all those dreamy eyes who long to do something out of the box. Help those women as a mentor and to build their paths as far as they are willing to go. Also she wishes to continue to learn in every way possible, as she believes one can never get enough knowledge to stop learning and hopes that she will keep getting better in everything that she does.

She encourages all women to be independent, and have belief in self. It is very important to know how to grow out of things that have trodden you. And to her this profession being carved out of her dreams and experience she has managed to easily excel it. “So find your way out, keep doing things out of the box and keep giving chance to all that, that keeps  you on your toes and nothing can stop you from creating wonders, Never ever give up on your passion” says Snehha Bane.

Source: The Intellectual Indian

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