“Shubham Ghodke” gained fulfilling pronounce almost Engineering & Automobile Industrialist.


“Shubham Ghodke” is an Entrepreneur an icon for engineering students, gained fulfilling pronounce almost Engineering & Automobile Industrialist.

An engineering dropout by choice who’s an affluent fortune-hunter accompanied with the aid of young adults, Shubham was by no means been enjoyable at studies, however, an unmarried piece of paper cant observe the higher, most of the teen boys income distracted as regards events and hangouts at the age of 20, at the age of 20 he set an example for hard enthusiasm and willpower closer to his objective and pronouncing.

At the age of 17, he labored as a photographer & a filmmaker, but he had set his components closer to the economic, he did no longer got a perfect preserve from his intimates, at that develop previous his household become no longer eye-catching at an economic keep, however, he didn’t meaningless his hopes, now he is very antique and unique and that’s how he has owned his very own enterprise named Unique Industries which specializes in making Any Engineering Design & Manufacturing.

However, success in today’s small business and startup ecosystem is often not defined by one’s employability, but by disruption and innovation. Several Indian engineers are towing this line with success by starting their own businesses and becoming self-employed. Many have also thrown caution to the wind and quit jobs to pursue unique business ideas.

Till now, He had no time to think of what I was doing. But the respect he earned made him look back and relive the days that passed by.” “Entrepreneurship is about creating change, not just companies” that’s exactly the change he brought in himself.

His advice to young entrepreneurs:-
Do not ever compromise on quality. Never lose your self-confidence. Believe in yourself and the product you are making. Third, always stick to what you know. When you employ people, you should know what you ask them to do – ( Shubham Ghodke ).

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