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Aman Chotani – Photographer & Brand Ambassador with Zeiss India. A professional travel and lifestyle photographer based in New Delhi, India who explores the world documenting travel, culture, and life. He works on freelance projects with travel agencies, magazines & advertising agencies. He has won 33 International Awards and mentions globally.

India is a land replete with cultures; with various tribes that have their own set of traditions that they have been following for several ages now. They have their own set of clothing, eating habits and lifestyle. It might not be wrong if we see them as Gods–as our ancestors who have within themselves the majestic demeanor of conducting age-old traditions and keeping them upright by educating their successors in their real culture. Unfortunately, these tribes that are a manifestation of several cultures are dying with only the last generation remaining. And with the perishing of this generation, the roots that their culture springs out of will also go missing. This project is an attempt to save these tribes from cultural extinction.

THE LAST AVATAR is a project that visually documents the Gods that we know as individual Indian tribes. It is an archive of their traditions so that their existence can be saved for the future generations of people outside the community also, who want to be educated about their cultural grounds. It is an attempt to keep all those roots airy that will give life to newer saplings. With this archival of cultural history, we aim to preserve the majestic demeanor that these tribes live their life with; it is our tribute to the Gods, a tribute for Humanity.

Aman Chotani: Founder of The Last Avatar Project, Project on Indian Tribes & Culture.

Culture often has the potential to go away and beyond the making of its people, to permeate deep into the arts and crafts of a community. Hence, with THE LAST AVATAR, we not only want to enrich an understanding of the various cultures manifested in different tribes that flourish in the remotest parts of the Indian subcontinent but to also go a step further
and help with the encouragement of the local trade that these tribes deserve.

The Last Avatar Book:

The book is dedicated to the Indian Tribes and Culture. An initiative towards preserving and documenting traditions of various tribal communities, unique ethnic groups, and various cultural elements. The cultural archive would be presented with portraits as a reference to the communities or cultural elements, being presented followed by descriptions detailing the uniqueness of each of the mentioned elements. In short, the book will act as an interaction point where the readers get to connect to the indigenous communities and various cultural aspects prevailing in the Indian sub-continent.

Also, through the book, we wish to provide the audience with an alternative perspective of seeing our tribal communities and various other cultural elements.

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Source: The Intellectual Indian

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