This is how you should eat when you are exhausted


Do you need multiple cups of coffee in the morning? Even after sleeping for six to seven hours at night, you do not feel energetic and fresh? If this situation sounds familiar to you then your body is trying to tell you something.

Exhaustion or feeling tired all the time is quite common among people after a sleepless night or a hectic day at work. Your entire body will ache, you will feel sleepy, lose your concentration and desire to do any work. People try to tackle this situation in their own way. Some go outdoors to get some fresh air, while others opt for caffeine. Fatigue and food also have a strong connection. Exhaustion after a sleepless night also has a negative impact on your mood and can increase the craving for unhealthy food items, which can be dangerous for you particularly if you are on a diet. In this article, we will tell you what you should eat on a lazy day to feel energetic and control your craving for unhealthy food.

When you are exhausted, you automatically feel hungry and crave for unhealthy food items. For this, try to eat small meals full of complex carbs, protein and some healthy fats. This will help you maintain a stable energy balance and make you feel energetic. When you are exhausted your body needs glucose, if it does not get sufficient amounts of glucose you will feel lethargic. Here are some food combinations you should have:

Oats with some berries and chopped nuts.

Toast with whole-grain toast with an egg

Salad with mixed veggies, and lentils, dressed with oil

Almonds or walnuts and fruit

Plain Greek yogurt with cinnamon and berries

When you are exhausted, you automatically crave sugary food. But having sweet stuff can do more harm than good. Sugar makes you feel energetic, but it is short-lived. The energy level spikes and then crashes immediately. So stay clear of sugar. If you are not able to control your cravings then have fruits or nuts.

A lot of us ignore this, but keeping yourself hydrated is important, especially when you are tired. Your tired cells need water to stay active and alert. So, drink plenty of water. You can add lemon juice or some water-rich fruits like watermelon, cucumber, and lettuces in your glass of water.

Source: Times of India

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