Top Health and Fitness Influencer in Bangalore-Tanny Bhatt


Tanny, a certified Yoga coach and she is all about encouraging others for Fitness and a Healthy Lifestyle.

Her achievements during the past 3 months during the lockdown is remarkable.

Her initiative called #MATISENOUGH to workout was a big hit in social media and through that, she encouraged everyone to work out even when the gyms and group activities were closed. People with her guidance and advice could do a lot of workout within the mat. Great participation and the Winner was rewarded with 1 Hour free training from her side.

She came up with different videos to keep everyone motivated towards Fitness and at the same time, she released videos related to a good lifestyle and dietary advice which helped people to choose between the good and bad food.

And while all these things were motivating others she was chosen as the Panellist for Ministry of Ayush Government of India’s first-ever Digital Yoga Conclave 2020 for International Yoga Day 2020.

All her hard work has paid off -hard work towards making a change in people’s life was recognised by different channels.

Coming up with different ideas with each passing day to meet people’s requirements on Fitness, Food, and Fashion. Her motto is to be able to create awareness about Yoga, Health, and Fitness to people who don’t get enough time to Take care of their health and to encourage them to make fitness their priority, and this is clearly visible in her work and achievement in the recent past.

Not to forget she is one of the TOP Health and Fitness Influencers in Bangalore.

From Physical exercising, Diet, and a Healthy Lifestyle she stresses upon different aspects related to Health and Fitness. Promotes and review different products that are great for health and help improve fitness levels. Sharing different posts on daily basis to keep up the motivation towards health and realizing that how important is Yoga and any other workouts in daily life, how important it is to eat right, and maintain a good lifestyle.

Follow her Instagram page @fit_and_fabb where she shares daily Fitness & Diet tips and releases workout videos weekly basis which can be done at home without having gone out.

Source: The Intellectual Indian

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